About Us

The main business profile of the MP-Elektrotechnika company is the prefabrication of control cabinets and panels as well as low voltage electrical switchboards.


We possess professional workshop facilities, high quality tools dedicated to work for the prefabrication of control cabinets.


We produce a few hundreds control cabinets and switchboards of various types every year.


In addition, we also make:

  • industrial automation designs
  • machines repairs and upgrades
  • industrial and residential electrical installations
  • wiring harnesses and ready wires of various types


We constantly develop ourselves, improve our qualifications and invest in the equipment in order to respond to our customers’ demands better.


All photos on the website present the designs or their elements made by us (they do not come from image banks).




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ul. Gdańska 91
62-200 Gniezno

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+48 697-789-669